What is a personalised email address?

Your free email address contains your ISP or email provider's name as part of the address e.g. you@yourisp.com, which makes it long and hard to remember. You can only tailor the part before the @ symbol, and even then your first choice is usually not available. The great thing about personalised email addresses is that you can tailor the whole address - you could use your personal or business name, or nickname, e.g. you@yourname.com. This means fully customised, easy to remember email addresses. With our service you also get many valuable features not included with free addresses such as spam filters, virus protection and webmail.


Ready to create your perfect email address?

The first step is to choose the section of your email address after the @ symbol. This can be anything you like, but it needs to be unique on the internet. Don't worry, we make finding your perfect email address easy - use our wizard or search to get suggestions and find out whether your email address is available. The section before the @ symbol in your email address can be anything you like, and you will be able to choose this during the ordering process.

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Note: The 'you' part before the @ symbol is only an example. You will be able to choose your own first section during the ordering process, and this can be anything you like.
The above searches may take a few seconds, while your information is checked in all the relevant availability databases. The information that you enter into the search and wizard tools is only used for search purposes and is not stored or used for any other purpose.
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  absolute-email offers you a personalised email address where you can create your very own perfect email address.
  A personalised email address looks professional, is easy to remember, is fully customized and the address is tailor made. Create an email address, set up an email address and have new email address all suited for individuals, businesses and families for use on any computer with internet access anywhere in the world. Absolute email covers UK.